Student Speakers Fall 2020

For students, by students.
Solid Systems and Such
with Paiam Moghaddam

Learn to make solid systems for games, how they help organize code structures and develop better game architecture!

Left on Read & the European Bug with Sheehan Ahmed

During the creation of Left On Read, Ahmed and his team discovered a bug that only affected European players(?)

Designing a Tutorial
with Josh Fickes

How do you make a good tutorial? Learn to create simple tutorials & how they impact players throughout the game.

Better Programming in Unity
with Gabriel Lacayo

Facilitate faster iteration and create better programming structures with Scriptable Objects, Attributes and more!

Easy Effects with Shader Graph with Steph Ng

Enhance the visuals of your game with Shader Graph and create dynamic materials for your objects!

A Unity Overview to End Them All with Weston Bell-Geddes

A live code demo covering the basic concepts of constructing a game, perfect for beginners and newbies to Unity.

Tech Limitations and Iconic Game Soundtracks with Noah Lee

Various jumps in game technology have resulted in the iconic video game music that we know and love today.

with Steven Harmon

Basics of traditional mocap and pipeline, pros and cons of different types, and solutions for bedroom mocap!

Edutainment Games
with Meha Murthy

What makes some educational games better than others, and why are they the perfect way to learn new concepts?

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