Student Speakers Fall 2021

For students, by students.

Our goal as a club is to make access to game development as accessible and understandable to everyone, regardless of their background and prior experience in the field.
What better way than to let our amazing USC students share their expertise to their peers?


Paper Prototyping Workshop 
with Violet Fickes

Explore the basic principles of game design, rapid iteration and how to create paper prototypes for your ideas.

Unity Workshop 
with Steph Ng

An introductory, beginner-friendly Unity 3D workshop where you learn to make a playable, 2-player game of Pong!

with GWSC

Learn about unions, organizing, and how unionizing can help make a better, safer, more inclusive games industry.

Resume Workshop 
with Taygh Atwal

Polish and create your best resume to help you get that internship. Get all the insider tips and tricks on how to make a stellar games resume!

Bitsy Workshop 
with Carlo Meglio

Learn all about the immense possibilities contained in this small software perfect for beginners and experienced game makers alike.

Tech Art Workshop 
with Sheehan Ahmed

Learn about rendering in Unity 3D, materials, drawcalls, with a quick tutorial on a ShaderGraph paintable shader.


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